mindful apparel usa

Mindful apparel usa is an organic and eco-friendly clothing brand.  We believe that Words have Power and design our goods with inspiring, feel-good words and phrases.

Our ethos is simple.  Words have Power, make a mindful choice.


"The words you speak become the house you live in."  Hafiz

The Little Love Letter Campaign

The Little Love Letter Campaign® began simply as an idea to make as many people as possible feel good.

We wanted to take the message that “Words Have Power” and therefore to be “mindful in that choice” and get this idea out to as many people as we could. We had already started a clothing line in 2011 called Mindful Apparel, with this idea as it’s core ethos. By placing loving or inspiring words on our bodies and on water bottles we wanted people both wearing the clothes and seeing them to be reminded to make a more mindful choice with the words we use and surround ourselves with.


the quill collective

Welcome to THE QUILL COLLECTIVE. A place of inspiration and collaboration. Bringing together artisan creativity. From food, art, ideas and everything in between.

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